How it works

Firstly, the bot must be invited to a channel to respond to mentions. If you find the bot not double-check they are invited to the channel.

To reward a user, mention them in a message with a variable number of banana.

@user1 here have a banana
@user2 @user3 you deserve 2! banana banana

Mentions such as the above cannot be edited to remove the reward. Once it's posted, it's scored.

Another way to reward a user is to add a banana reaction to their messages.

As a public service to all, you can also mark a user as a troll by adding a troll reaction to a message of theirs.

Removing a banana or troll reaction will reduce the score of the user appropriately.

A user cannot reward themselves or bot users, either by app mentions or reactions.

To see the leaderboard use one of the following:

@mrtallyman bananas
@mrtallyman leaderboard
@mrtallyman tally

The leaderboard shows the names of the top users who've given and received banana since the last table reset, as well as the troll scores.

It displays names instead of user mentions to avoid notification fatigue when someone wants to see the leaderboard.

To see your own scores use one of the following:

@mrtallyman tallyme
@mrtallyman tally me

All of the above app mentions can also be used in a private channel with the bot (without the bot prefix):

tally me

If you are an admin in the team workspace, you can privately message the bot to reset the scores for your team: