Quicksand Dunes

Wherein I tackle my first improv writing task. Select a topic at random and write for 5m starting each sentence with, "Yes, let's!"

Yes, let's travel to the Quicksand Dunes, the legendary deathtrap that lies in wait for unwary travellers!

Yes, let's thumb our noses at the fates and sail our boards down the steep slopes!

Yes, let's toil our way back up again and again, never falling prey to the slipping, sliding escalators of sand!

Yes, let's celebrate life at dune's top, thighs shaking from the effort of the climb!

Yes, let's shout out loud from the highest point: We have conquered this demon!

Yes, let's dine on our carefully carried basket of culinary treasures, savouring the moments with each bite in the setting sun!

Yes, let's end our days in the sand and sun heavy with tiredness and dust, carried away by the wind to sleep!